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Academic Areas: Structure Engineering

Research Interests: Structural Vibration Control, Structural Heath Monitoring, Structure Analysis

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Structure Engineering, 2004, Graduate School of Huazhong University of  Science and Technology(HUST) , Wuhan, PRC;

  • Master of Engineering in Structure Engineering, 1998, Graduate School of HUST, Wuhan, PRC;

  • BE Structure Engineering, 1987, HUST, Wuhan, PRC.

Professional Experience

  • Professor (2006-present); School of Civil Engineering of HUST, Full

  • Assistant Professor (1998-2006); School of Civil Engineering of HUST, Full

  • Full Lecturer (1989-1998); School of Civil Engineering of HUST, Full

  • Assistant (1987-1989); School of Civil Engineering of HUST, Full

Selected Publications

  • XIONG Shi-shu . Three-dimensional isolation system, China National Invention Patent. 2004, ZL200410012813.9

  • XIONG Shi-shu , Expermental Studies on Three-dimensional Performance of  Wire Rope Isolator, Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,1993,26(2):77-80

  • XIONG shi-shu,Li Li. Expermental Studies of  Performance on Laminated Rubber Isolator, Earthquake Resistant Engineering,1998,2

  • XIONG Shi-shu, Chen Jin-feng, Liang Bo, S u Jing-yu. Nonlinear analysis of Multi-dimensional Seismic Response in 3D Base Isolated Structure.  Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition),2004,32(12):81-84

  • XIONG Shi-shu, H UANG Li-ting. Multi-Dimensional Seismic Responses Analysis of Base Isolated Frame Structure with 3D Isolator, Journal of China University of Geosciences,2005,16(1):66-71

  • XIONG Shi-shu , Pan Qin-cun , Huang Li-ting. FPS Typed TMD Design for Shaking Table Test and Seismic Reduction Efficiency Simulation Analysis. Earthquake Resistant Engineering and Retrofitting,2006,28(5):63-67

  • XIONG Shi-shu , LI Hui-sheng , HUANG Li-ting , TANG Jian-she. Design and Application of Base Isolation System for Explosive Laboratory,Explosion and Shock Waves. 2006 ,26(2): 145-149;

  • XIONG Shi-shu, JI-Han, DENG Juan, PAN Qin-cun. Finite Element Analysis and Full-scale Expermental Research of Complex Loading on Larged Diameter  Welded Hollow Spherical Joint,Engineering Mechanics,2006, 23(S1): 184-188;

  • XIONG Shi-shu, JI Han, HUANG Li-ting. Studies on Interaction between Steel roof and Reinforced Concrete Frame,Journal of  Building Structure,2009, 30(1): 126-132

  • Ji Han,XIONG Shi-shu*,Yuan Yong. Analyzing Vibration Isolation Effect of Structures Using Negative Stiffness PrincipleJournal of Huazhong University of  Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition), 2010,38(2):76-79

  • JI Han, XIONG Shi-shu*,YUAN Yong. Fluence Analysis of the Structural Seismic Reduction Effect Based on Negative Stiffness Principle. Journal of  Vibration and Shock, 2010,29(3):92-94

  • FU Jie, XIONG Shi-shu*. Analyzing Vibration Reduction Effect of Multi-degree of Freedom Structures Using Psedo-negative-stiffness Dampers. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition), 2014,42(2):46-50

  • XIONG  Shi -shu, PAN Qin-cun, XIONG Ming-xiang. The Collapsed Analysis and Study of Protective Methods of  Steel Frame with Composite Slab under Impact Load.  Journal of Railway Engineering Society,2006,98(8):53-57

Awards and Honors

  • Building isolation packaged technology(major player), the First Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award of China University, 2001;

  • Building isolation packaged technology(major player), the Second Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award of Nation, 2001;

  • Building Base-Isolated (major player), the Third Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award  of  State Education Commission , 1997

Courses Taught

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Civil Engineering Structure Test

  • 240.509:Advanced Structure Experiment (Graduate course)

  • 240.502:Structure Finite Element Analysis(Graduate course)


  • 1. Monitoring on Steel Structure Construction and Operating Period  Of  Wuhan Sports Center Stadium

  • 2. Nodes Test and Construction Monitoring of Optical valley Gymnasium Roof Structure

  • 3. Nodes Test and Construction Monitoring of Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium Roof Structure

  • 4. Vibration Control Research of a Blast Laboratory

  • 5. Key Techniques Research of Seismic Isolation and  Shock Absorption

  • 6. Micro Vibration Test and Vibration Control of National Optoelectronic Laboratory

  • 7. Isolation Bearing Research of Kunming New Airport Terminal

  • 8. Research on Isolation Bearing Engineering Structures for Yangzhou Heli

  • 9. Test Research of Performance on Guangdong Utek Isolation Rubber Bearing

  • 10. Experimental Study of Performance for the Isolation Bearing in New Yunnan Province Museum

  • 11. Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of  Isolation Technology of  Rural Residential Building

  • 12. The Development and Application of the High Damping Isolation Rubber Bearing

  • 13. Research of Type Inspection and Engineering Application of Isolation Bearing

  • 14. Mechanics Performance Research of Composite Material Transmit Electricity Structure

  • 15. Research on a New Type of Combined Isolation Bearing

  • 16. Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties and the Related Parameters  of the Low Cost Isolation Bearing

  • 17. Experimental Study of Intelligent Construction Platform Support System of Wuhan Center Project

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