Zhu Hongping


Phone: (86-27) 87542631

Email: hpzhu@mail.hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Structural Engineering, Bridge Engineering

Research Interests: Structural health monitoring, Seismic Base-isolation and vibration control

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Structural Engineering, 1995, Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST);

  • Master in Structural Engineering, 1992, HUST;

  • Bachelor in Structural Engineering, 1988, HUST.

Professional Experience

  • HUST Changjiang Distinguished Professor (2009-present);

  • School of Civil Engineering, HUST, Full Professor (2001-2009);

  • School of Civil Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, Associate Professor (1999-2001);

  • School of Civil Engineering, HUST, Full Professor (1998-1999);

  • Dept. Civil Engineering, Kyoto University, JSPS Researcher (1997-1998);

  • Dept. Structural Engineering, Hongkong University of Science & Technology, Post-doctor (1996-1997);

  • School of Civil Engineering, HUST, Assistant Professor (1996-1997).

Selected Publications

  • [1] Zhu Hongping, Mao Ling, Weng Shun. A sensitivity-based structural damage identification method with unknown input excitation using transmissibility concept. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 333: 7135-7150, 2014.

  • [2] Weng Shun, Zhu Hongping, Xia Yong, Construction of stiffness and flexibility for substructure-based model updating, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2013, Article ID 706798, 1-14, 2013.

  • [3] Li Jun, Hao Hong, Xia Yong and Zhu Hongping. Damage detection of shear connectors in bridge structures with transmissibility infrequency domain. International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, 14(1) 1350061-1-1350061-33, 2014

  • [4] Li Jun, Hao Hong and Zhu Hongping. Dynamic assessment of shear connectors in composite bridges with ambient vibration measurements. Advances in Structural Engineering, 17( 5): 617-637, 2014

  • [5] Weng Shun, Zhu Aizhu, Zhu Hongping. Dynamic condensation approach to the calculation of eigensensitivity. Computers and Structures, 132: 55–64, 2014

  • [6] Xia Yong, Zhang Peng, Ni Yiqing, Zhu Hongping. Deformation monitoring of a super-tall structure using real-time strain Data. Engineering Structures, 67: 29–38, 2014

  • [7] Li Weiming, Jiang Zhihui, Wang Tailong, Zhu Hongping. Optimization method based on Generalized Pattern Search Algorithm to identify bridge parameters indirectly by a passing vehicle. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 333(02): 364-380, 2014

  • [8] Wang Dansheng, Xiang Wei, Zhu Hongping, Damage identification in beam type structures based on statistical moment using a two step method, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 333: 745-760, 2014

  • [9] Wang Dansheng, Song Hongyuan, Zhu Hongping, Numerical and experimental studies on damage detection of a concrete beam based on PZT admittances and correlation coefficient, Construction and Building Materials, 49: 564-574, 2013

  • [10] Weng Shun, Zhu Hongping etc. Substructuring Approach to the calculation of higher-order eigensensitivity. Computers and Structures, 117: 23-33, 2013

  • [11] Weng Shun, Zhu Hongping etc. Damage detection using the eigenparameter decomposition of substructural flexibility matrix. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 34, 19-38, 2013

  • [12] Zhu Hongping, Ding Lan and Tao Yin. Wave propagation and localization in a randomly disordered periodic piezoelectric axial-bending coupled beam. Advances in Structural Engineering, 16(9):1513-1522, 2013

  • [13] Ding Lan, Zhu Hongping, Yin Tao. Wave propagation in a periodic elastic-piezoelectric axial-bending coupled beam. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 332(24): 6377–6388, 2013

  • [14] Wang Chao, Ren Weixin, Wang Zuocai, Zhu Hongping. Instantaneous frequency identification of time-varying structures by continuous wavelet transform. Engineering Structures, 52:17-25, 2013

  • [16] Weng Shun, Zhu Hongping etc. Inverse substructure method for model updating of structures. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 331: 5449-5468, 2012

  • [17] Li Weiming, Zhu Hongping etc. Structural damage recognition by grouped data based on Principal Component Analysis theory. Automation in Construction, 22: 258-270, 2012

  • [18] Zhu Hongping, Li L. Damage detection method for shear buildings using the changes in the first mode shape slopes, Computers and Structures, 89: 733–743, 2011

  • [19] Wang DS, Zhu Hongping. Monitoring of the strength gain of concrete using embedded PZT impedance transducer, Construction and Building Materials, 25: 3703–3708, 2011

  • [20] Weng Shun, Xia Yong, Xu Youlin and Zhu Hongping, Substructure based approach to finite element model updating. Computers and Structures, 89(9-10): 772-782, 2011

  • [21] Weng Shun, Xia Yong, Xu Youlin and Zhu Hongping, An iterative substructuring approach to the calculation of eigensolution and eigensensitivity. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 330(14): 3368-3380, 2011.

  • [22] Luo Hui, Zi Jianmin, Zhu Hongping. Full-scale experimental research on PE sheathing of stay-cable. Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 39(1): 1-5, 2011

  • [23] Xia Yong, Weng Shun, Xu Youlin Xu and Zhu Hongping. Calculation of eigenvalue and eigenvector derivatives with the improved Kron’s substructuring method. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 36(1): 37-55, 2010

  • [24] Li Weiming, Zhu Hongping. Statistical damage detection method for frame structures using a confidence interval. Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 9(01): 133-140, 2010

Awards and Honors

  • 1.2009 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

  • 2.2011 Changjiang Distinguished Professor

  • 3.2010 Special Government Allowances of the State Council

  • 4.2004 Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University

  • 5.2002 Excellent Young Teachers Program of MOE

  • 6.2014 National Prize for Progress in Science and Progress (Second Prize): Technology on safety risk control during tunnel construction

  • 7.2014 Scientific and Technological Progress in Hubei Province (First Prize): Key technology and application of structural safety monitoring

  • 8.2010 Natural Science Progress in Hubei Province (First Prize): Technology on vibration analysis and control of civil infrastructure

  • 9.2006 Scientific and Technological Progress in Hubei Province (First Prize): Technology of structural damage identification based on dynamic and static information

Courses Taught

  • 0400025: The General Introduction of Civil Engineering (Bachelor course)

  • 0842481: Basis of Finite Element Method (Bachelor course)

  • 240.806: Advanced Structural Analysis (PHD course)


  • 1.National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program: 2011CB013804):Structural health diagnose and performance monitoring of subway tunnel under dynamic environmental effect, 2012/01—2016/12

  • 2.Chang Jiang Scholars Program of MOE:Seismic base-isolation and vibration control, 2012/10—2017/09

  • 3.National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars:50925828, Structural health monitoring and vibration control, 2010/01—2013/12

  • 4.Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period:2008BAC36B01, High-precision lighting location system of large area, 2008/01—2011/12

  • 5.National Natural Science Foundation of China:51178203, Research on the passive control of closely spaced adjacent structures, 2012/01—2015/12

  • 6.National Natural Science Foundation of China for oversea and HongKong-Macau Scholars:51328802, structural monitoring of temperature actions on supertall structures, 2014/01—2015/12

  • 7.National Natural Science Foundation of China:50778077,Study on micro-damage detection and damage evaluation of concrete based on PZT monitoring signals, 2008/01—2010/12

  • 8.National Natural Science Foundation of China:50608036, System identification of structures under operational condition by considering inputs, 2007/01—2009/12

  • 9.Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University:NCET-04-0720,Structural monitoring and intelligent protection under disaster environment, 2005/01—2007/12

  • 10.National Natural Science Foundation of China:50378041, structural damage identification and health assessment based on spectral element model updating and piezoelectric impedance, 2004/01—2006/12

  • 11.Excellent Young Teachers Program of M0E:Real-time structural health monitoring system based on multiple information, 2003/01—2005/12

  • 12.National Natural Science Foundation of China:50908003, Structural intelligent monitoring system of damage diagnose and age anticipation , 2000/01—2002/12