Chen Han

Associate Professor

Phone: 86(27)13607176258


Academic Areas: Fluid Mechanics

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Microfluidics, Aerostatic Bearings, Transport Phenomena in the Eye

Academic Degrees

PhD in Computational Science and Engineering, 2007, University of California, Santa Barbara

MS in Computational Science and Engineering, 2006, University of California, Santa Barbara

MS in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, 2001, University of Pennsylvania

BS in Engineering Mechanics, 1999, Tsinghua University

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2008-present), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanics;

Research Associate (2004-2006), Level Set Systems, Inc.

Selected Publications

1. X. Chen, H. Chen, J. Zhu, W. Jiang. Vortex suppression and nano-vibration reduction of aerostatic bearings by arrayed microhole restrictors. Journal of Vibration and Control, accepted.

2. H. Chen, F. Zhang, Y. Huang, J. Wu. Numerical investigation of topical drug transport in the anterior human eye. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 2015, 85:356-366

3. P. Li, H. Chen. Vibration analysis of steel strip in continuous hot-dip galvanizing process. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics. 2013, 1: 31-36

4. X. Chen, J. Zhu, H. Chen. Dynamic characteristics of ultra-precision aerostatic bearings, Advances in Manufacturing, 2013, 1:82-86

5. J. Qian, X. Chen, H. Chen, L. Zeng, X. Li. Magnetic field analysis of Lorentz motors using a novel segmented magnetic equivalent circuit method. Sensors, 2013, 13(2):1664-1678

6. B. Chen, H. Chen, J. Wu. Thickness-averaged model for numerical simulation of electroosmotic flow in three-dimensional microfluidic chips. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. 2013, 34(3):297-308

7. B. Chen, J. Wu, H. Chen. Numerical investigation of traveling wave electroosmotic flows in a microchannel. Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, 2012, 3:280-285

8. J. Zhu, H. Chen, X. Chen. Large eddy simulation of vortex shedding and pressure fluctuation in aerostatic bearings. Journal of Fluids and Structures. 2013, 40:42-51

9. X. Chen, H. Chen, X. Luo, Y. Ye, Y. Hu and J. Xu. Air vortices and nano-vibration of aerostatic bearings. Tribology Letters. 2011, 42(2):179-183

10. Y. T. Ng, H. Chen, C. Min and F. Gibou. Guidelines for Poisson Solvers on irregular domains with Dirichlet boundary conditions using the ghost fluid method. Journal of Scientific Computing. 2009, 41:300-320

11. H. Chen, C. Min, and F. Gibou. A numerical scheme for the Stefan problem on adaptive Cartesian grids with supralinear convergence rate. Journal of Computational Physics. 2009, 228:5803-5818

12. F. Gibou, C. Min, Y. T. Ng and H. Chen. Some new advances in level set methods with applications to multiphase flows. Proceedings of the 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, 2009.

13. H. Chen, C. Min, and F. Gibou. A supra-convergent finite difference scheme for the poisson and heat equations on irregular domains and non-graded adaptive cartesian grids. Journal of Scientific Computing. 2007, 31:19-60

Courses Taught

0800061 Fluid Mechanics (undergraduate)

0801331 Computational Fluid Dynamics (undergraduate)

0817561 Heat and Mass Transfer (undergraduate)

151.506 Turbulence: Theory and Applications (graduate)

151.204 Computational Fluid Dynamics (graduate)


1. Optofluidic study of a novel liquid lens with variable focal length. Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, 2009-2010

2. Numerical study of a novel AC electroosmotic micromixer. Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Scholars, Ministry of Education of China, 2010-2012

3. Study of dielectrophoretic particle motions under the coupling influence of induced charge electroosmosis and electrothermal effects. Ph.D. Program Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, 2010-2012

4. Biomechanical study of bullous keratopathy after laser iridotomy, Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, 2011-2012

5. Study of multi-regime lubrication in aerostatic bearings for ultra-precision working stages, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2015