On May 17th, Géotechnique, the top international journal of geotechnical engineering, published the latest research results on three-dimensional reconstruction and multi-scale characterization of the sand particle morphology by Zhou Bo and Wang Huabin in the school of Civil Engineering and Mechanics This paper is entitled "Three-dimensional sphericity, fractal dimension of sand particles". The first author affiliation of this paper is Huazhong University of Science and Technology. In this paper, Zhou Bo (Assistant Professor) is the first author, Zhou Bo and Wang Huabin (Professor)are co-corresponding
TheThere are four undergraduate majors in the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics including Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Project Management and Traffic Engineering, with over 1700 undergraduate students and more than 1700 graduate students. The School arranges one academic staff member for each undergraduate class as the academic advisor, who provide all-around guidance for students’ study, life and career planning. The School adopts advanced teaching materials and teaching methods and even adopts bilingual or all-English teaching in some important courses. We continuously ...
The School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics hasestablishedits own characteristics on the aspects of scientific research and social service. The main research directions include Engineering structure vibration isolation, Vibration energy dissipation and the active control, Micro-scale mechanics and multi-scale correlation, Intelligent materials andstructures, Fluid-solid coupling Dynamics, Engineering analysisand simulation, Key technology of digital construction integrationand its application, Intelligent detection and damage assessment of engineering structures, Groundtreatment technology, Stress wave detection technology, Theory and practice of large-span structures, Numerical analysismethods and the virtual simulation technology in civil engineering, and so on. A group of
Faculty In the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, there are 138 full-time academic staff members, including 40 professors, 55 associate professors and 43 lecturers. Among all the academic staff members, there are 1 academician of the US National Academy of Engineering (consulting professor of Bird’s Nest Plan), 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Science (double appointment), 1 scholar and 2 young scholars of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 1 national teaching master, 2 recipients of National Outstanding Youth Science Award, 2 distinguished professors and 2 lecture professor of the Changjiang Scholar Program, 5 winners of New Century Excellent Talent Plan of Ministry of Education and 2 Chutian scholars.