I. About Us

      The Department of Traffic & Transportation Engineering, HUST was founded in 1986. In the same year traffic engineering started admitting undergraduate students, while the transportation engineering didn’t admit undergraduate students until 2000. At present there are about 360 undergraduate students, including 240 majoring in traffic engineering and 120 majoring in transportation engineering. Among all the universities in Hubei Province, Dept. of traffic and transportation engineering in HUST is one of the earliest to establish this specialty, and we have a long history of teaching management and own fruitful teaching operation experience. During the last twenty years, more than 1000 students have graduated, and have become the backbones of various government departments and public companies. Not only have they made great contributions to the local economy and social development, but also have won upstanding reputation. Currently, the suitable orientation, scientific management and well-qualified faulty as well as harmonic academic atmosphere all promote the two specialties in courses and discipline construction presenting strong developing posture, and improve the teaching and research levels, as well as students cultivation quality step by step.

The Department of Traffic & Transportation Engineering provides teaching and research for undergraduates and graduates, focusing on studies of traffic engineering, system planning, design & control, etc. The research areas cover all the branches of traffic and transportation engineering, with emphasis on traffic and transportation planning, traffic engineering design, traffic safety, traffic control system development, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and logistics. According to different fields of interests, the department is divided into 2 teaching and research sections: Traffic section and Transportation section. The whole department has 11 faculty members, including 2 professors, 2 associate professors and 8 lecturers, all of which have obtained Ph.D. degrees.

The Department of Traffic and Transportation Engineering not only offers all the specialty courses for undergraduates and graduates, but also is responsible for graduation projects of undergraduates and thesis research of graduate students. It is authorized to award master’s degree of transportation planning and management, master’s degree in engineering degree of transportation engineering, and Ph.D. degree in roadway engineering.

In recent years, the department has completed many joint projects, national natural science foundation projects and a variety of projects with various government departments and corporations. A large number of papers have been published on international and Chinese journals, conference proceedings and government reports.


II. Research Areas

1. Traffic Engineering

Group members: Zhou  Zhiyun; Liu Youjun; Gao Jianzhi; Wang Jin and Chen Xing

The aim of traffic engineering is to investigate the basic theories and methods of traffic field, traffic planning, network performance analysis, and the impact brought by traffic and the application of new technologies.

Research interests include the following aspects:

1. Traffic engineering; traffic control and management; geometric design of highway;

2. Traffic planning; traffic flow theory; parking planning and theory;

3. Traffic network compexity and system engineering; traffic safety analysis and simulation; Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

2. Transportation Engineering

Group members: Li Jie; Zhang Xizhou; Duan Li; Duan Aiyuan; Xu Xuecai and Xiao Daiquan;

The goal of transportation engineering is to concentrate on basic theories and technologies in transportation field, organization of various transportation modes, logistics and application of advanced technologies in transportation.

Research interests include the following aspects:

1. Transportation organization; transporation economy;

2. Transportation system analysis; transportation network evaluation;

3. Logistics and supply chain management; emerging logisitcs technology


III. Traffic and Transportation Engineering Lab

Traffic and transportation engineering lab was founded in 2010. The first stage was invested 1.5 million RMB, and now the second stage is underway. The first stage is aimed at providing theoretical basis and technology support for the traffic data collection, signal control, traffic simulation and traffic safety, and the second stage is focused on providing theorectical basis and technology support for the transporation planning, transportation organization, smart logistics and comprehensive system analysis. When the lab is completed, it will be a platform for the interdisplinary research of traffic, comprehensive transportation and logistics.

So far the lab provides the following main research areas: traffic data collection, traffic signal design and control, traffic simulation with macro-and micro-scopic softwares and traffic safety.

Experiment class

Traffic Signal Design and Control Board


Traffic Simulation with VISSIM

Car-following unit of Hi-Drive 1.0 Software


Consciousness tester BD-II-112