On December 31, 2020, the eve of the coming New Year, the first basketball match between teachers and students from the School of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering was successfully held in the west gymnasium.

The game began amid the referee's whistle. Cold winter could not defeat the passion of every contestant for sports. All teachers and students on the field showed themselves to their best. The basketball court was full of fierce competitions between teachers and students after the match was started. The team of teachers was very experience. They realized tacit cooperation and passed ball accurately. The team of students is young and energetic. Every team member tried to steal the ball from teachers and strove for better performances. After repeated competitions, the result of this match was still unseen but wonderful moments could be frequently observed.

At half-time, three point attempts were made by these teachers and students. Three teachers, including Long Xiaohong, Miao Yu and Wang Huabin have successfully made three-point shots, winning cheers from the spectators around. During the break outside the basketball field, both teams discussed follow-up tactics and the spectators around made suggestions for players. All of them were immersed in the match.

Then the match continued. After fierce competitions, the team of teachers narrowly beat the team of students at 84-76.

After this match, the organizer presented nice prizes to the teachers and students. They have taken photos with all spectators. Both teachers and students said that the basketball match strengthened the physical quality, enhanced the emotional exchange and showed a harmonious atmosphere between them.