Gao Rongxiong



       Phone: (86) 138-07180115; (86)027-87540017


     Academic Areas: Bridge Engineering

     Research Interests:Vessel collision with bridge; Bridge Reinforcement; Pre-stressed structure; Bridge health monitoring

Academic Degrees

PhD in Structural Engineering, 2005, Wuhan University of Technology, China.
BA in Road and Bridge Engineering, 1993, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2005-present), School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, HUST, China
Lecturer (1998-2004), School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, HUST, China
Assistant Professor (1993-1998), School of Road and Bridge, Wuhan Urban Construction College, China
Visiting Scholar (2011-2012), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of Tennessee (UTK), US

Selected Publications

Liu Le, Gao Rongxiong* and Wu Jiankang. Numerical Study of Cell Membrane Trembling of a Cell Moving through a Bottleneck of a Channel[J]. Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 8, 2014, no. 51, 2533 – 2545. ​
Chen Chulong, Gao Rongxiong* and Zhu Hongping. Structure Response and Damage Assessment of On-building Bridge Pier under Vessel Crush[J]. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Vol.06, 2013,No.06, 1460-1471.
Gao Rongxiong, Analysis of Vessel Collision with Bridges Based on Nonlinear Finite Element and Study on Impact Force[J]. Journal of Chongqing Jiaotong University (Natural Science), Vol.34, 2015, No.01, 12-16.
Gao Rongxiong, Gao Rong, Wang Liqiong. Study on Optimized Layout of Sensors Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm using MAC Criterion[J]. China Municipal Engineering, Vol,175, 2014,No.175, 103-121.
Lin Yi,Wang Kai,GAO Rongxiong*. Crack Control of Massive Concrete Structure [J]. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, Vol,28, 2011,No.3, 35-39.
Chen Chulong, Gao Rongxiong* and Zhu Hongping. Analysis of the Impact of Water Flow for Elevated Pile-cap Bridge Subjected to Vessel Collision [J]. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, Vol,29, 2012,No.4, 25-29.
Chen Chulong, Gao Rongxiong*, Wu Qiaoyun, Jiang Fei,Zhu Hongping. Slip Effect of Shear Studs in Steel-concrete Composite Beam Suspension Bridge [J]. Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development, Vol,31, 2014,No.1, 72-76.

Courses Taught


"External Pre-stressed Strengthening Technology and Application". Fujian Transportation Major Foundation (No. 201435). 2014.12-2016.12
"Mechanism of Cooperative Work between Pasted Boards and Structure and Application of Actively Unload Strengthening Technology ". Maritime Structure New Material and Reinforcement Hubei Major Lab Research Foundation (No. 201503A). 2015.01-2016.12
“External Pre-stressed Strengthening and Application for Simply Supported T beam Bridge”. Transportation Science and Technology Project of Henan Province. 2010.01-2012.12
“Super-Long Unit Large Span prestressed Concrete Continuous Girder Bridge Seismic Performance”. Luoyang Transpotation Research Fund, Luoyang Highway Administration (2013016). 2013.01-2015.12
"Sensor Optimal placement of bridge with large span Health Monitoring System". Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (No. 2006ABA068). 2006.01-2008.12


Science and technology progress award in Henan Province (third class), 2013 (R2)
An Invention Patent of a Jacking Arc Steel Plate Diverter for External Pre-stressed Cable, 2014(R1)
Utility Model Patent of a Plywood Anchor Device for External Pre-stressed Cable, 2014(R1)