Liao Bihai


     Associate Professor

       Phone: (0086) 18971085720


     Academic Areas: Bridge and tunnel engineering

     Research Interests:evaluation and Strengthening research of Unsafe bridge

Academic Degrees

PhD in Bridge and tunnel engineering,2009, Huazhong university of science and technology;
Master in Road and railway engineering,2001, Huazhong university of science and technology;
Bachelor in Highway and urban road engineering,1994, Wuhan institute of urban construction.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor(2011-present); Huazhong university of science and technology,
Lecturer(2000-2011); Huazhong university of science and technology,
Lecturer(1999-2000); Wuhan institute of urban construction,
Assistant Professor(1994-1999); Wuhan institute of urban construction,

Selected Publications

1] Liao Bi-hai, Wang Guo-ding. Research and application of arch bridge strengthening new methods. Highway. 2006, 10: 34~37.
[2] Liao Bi-hai, Chen Rui. Damage analysis and reinforcement research of damaged oblique multiple arch bridge. China Municipal Engineering. 2007, 1: 26~27.
[3] Liao Bi-hai, Chen Xu-yong, Wang Guo-ding. Calculate practical method of solid abdomen area on catenary arch and center of gravity. Central South Highway Engineering. 2007, 02: 114~116.
[4] Liao Bi-hai, Huang Li-feng, Wang Guo-ding. Application of equal stress method in arch bridge reinforcement new method. Highway. 2007, 5: 90~93.
[5] Liao Bi-hai, Wang Yuan-han. Test and reinforcing old arch bridges. In: International Conference on Health Monitoring of Environment Structure Material. Nanjing, China. Nanjing: Southeast University Press, October, 16~18, 2007: 934~940.
[6] Liao Bi-hai, Wang Yuan-han, Cheng Hong-guang et al. Reinforcement and numerical analysis on the corbel of a half-through arch bridge. Journal of Chongqing University (English Edition),2009, (1):57~62.
[7] Bi-hai Liao, Yu Miao, Zuwen Luo. Dual hybrid boundary node method for transient eddy current problem. Applied Mathematical Sciences (ISSN 1312~885X). 2009, 3(32):1567~1577.
[8] Li jie, Liao Bi-hai, huangminshui. Structural Damage Identification via Modal Data based Genetic Algorithm. The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (CiSE2010), Wuhan, China. Dec 14~16, 2010:254~258.
[9] Bi Hai LIAO,Dong Qiang ZHOU. Simulation of bridge dynamic performance under the living load of a moving vehicle. The 2010 international Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling, Taiyuan, China . Ocotober 22~24, 2010, V12:174~176.
[10] Yu Miao, Qiao Wang, Bi-hai Liao , Junjie Zheng. A Dual Hybrid Boundary Node Method for 2D Elastodynamics Problems. Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences . 2009, 53(1):1~22.
[11] Pan Cong, Liao Bi-hai. Calculation method of spandrel-filled arch bridge checking coefficient based on condition visual inspection. Chongqing Jiaotong University Journal(Natural Sciences Edition).2013-09-15:1674-0696.
[12] Jin He-Wei, Liao Bi-hai. Design and construction key technology of multi span multiple arch bridge. Construction Technology.2014.
[13] Pan Cong, Liao Bi-hai, Zhu Yun-feng. Analysis of the Factors of Diseases and Research on Reinforcement Measures of Equal Span Beam-less Slab Bridge. The 14th National Conference on Bridge,2014.

Courses Taught

0801823: Bridge engineering
240.532: The bridge diagnosis and repair


In recent five years, completed two projects of national natural science fund, chaged one provincial natural science fund of China, one school innovation fund and more than 10 transverse scientific research item.