Xiong Qilin


     Associate Professor

       Phone: (027) 87543138

     Email: xiongql@hust.edu.cn

     Academic Areas: solid mechanics

     Research Interests:thermoelastic coupling, nanomechanics

Academic Degrees

PhD in solid mechanics, 2013, Xi’an Jiaotong University;
BE in engineering mechanics, 2008, Zhengzhou University.

Professional Experience

Selected Publications

Q.L. Xiong, S.A. Meguid, Y. Wang, G.J. Weng, Molecular Dynamics and Atomistic Based Continuum Studies of the interfacial Behaviour of Nanoreinforced epoxy. Mechanics of Materials, 85: 38–46, 2015.
Xiong, Q.L, Tian, X.G, Lu, T.J., Atomistic modeling of electron relaxation effect on femtosecond laser-induced thermoelastic response of gold films, Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, 112(2): 024313.
Xiong Q.L., Tian X.G., Response of a semi-infinite microstretch homogeneous isotropic body under thermal shock, ASME Trans J. Applied Mechanics, 2011,78(4): 044503.(SCI: 866LL)
Xiong Q.L., Tian X.G., Transient Magneto-Thermoelastic Response For A Semi-Infinite Body With Voids And Variable Material Properties During Thermal Shock, International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2011, 3(4): 881-902, (SCI: 876GT)
Xiong, Q.L, Tian, X.G, Modeling of non-equilibrium deformation in a double-layered thin film during ultrashort laser heating, Journal of Thermal Stresses, 2013,36: 387-404.
Xiong, Q.L, Tian, X.G, Thermoelastic study of an infinite functionally graded body with a cylindrical cavity using Green-Naghdi model, Journal of Thermal Stresses, 2012,35:718-732.
熊启林,田晓耕,沈亚鹏,夏荣厚. 瞬态热冲击下层合材料板界面的热弹性行为[J] 力学学报, 2011,43(3): 630-634
熊启林, 田晓耕. 激光加热金属薄膜的热弹性研究[J].固体力学学报,2011,32(6):588-594.

Courses Taught

Theoretical Mechanic