Chen Ziguang



       Phone: +86-15623913369


     Academic Areas: Solid Mechanics

     Research Interests:Peridynamics, Corrosion, Self-assembly, Surface and Interface Mechanics

Academic Degrees

PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, 2012, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
ME in Engineering Mechanics, 2007, Central South University,
BE in Civil Engineering, 2005, Huazhong University of Science & Technology.

Professional Experience

Professor (2018-present); Huazhong University of Sci. & Tech.,
Associate Professor (2017-2018); Huazhong University of Sci. & Tech.,
Postdoctoral Research Associate (2012-2017); University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Selected Publications

1.Z. Chen, S. Niazi, G. Zhang and F. Bobaru, Peridynamic Functionally Graded and Porous Materials: Modeling Fracture and Damage. in Handbook of Nonlocal Continuum Mechanics for Materials and Structures (G.Z. Voyiadjis) (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-22977-5_36-1)
2.Z. Chen and F. Bobaru, A Peridynamic Model for Corrosion Damage. in Handbook of Peridynamic Modeling (F. Bobaru, J. T. Foster, P. H. Geubelle and S. A. Silling) (CRC Press, 2016)
3.Z. Chen, D. Bakenhus and F. Bobaru, A Constructive Peridynamic Kernel for Elasticity, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 311, 356-373, 2016.
4.Z. Chen, G. Zhang and F. Bobaru, The Influence of Passive Film Damage on Pitting Corrosion, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163(2), C19-C24, 2016.
5.Z. Chen and F. Bobaru, Selecting the Kernel in a Peridynamic Formulation: a Study for Transient Heat Diffusion, Computer Physics Communications, 197, 51-60, 2015. 6.Z. Chen, S. Li, A. Andrew, and L. Tan, Color and Texture Morphing with Colloids on Multilayered Surfaces, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7(19), 10125-10131, 2015.
7.Z. Chen and F. Bobaru, Peridynamic Modeling of Pitting Corrosion Damage, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 78, 352-381, 2015.
8.Z. Chen, G. Wang, Z. Xu, H. Li, A. Dhotel, X. C. Zeng, B. Chen , J-M. Saiter, and L. Tan, Metal–Organic Frameworks Capable of Healing at Low Temperatures, Advanced Materials, 25(42), 6106-6111, 2013.
9.Z. Chen, L. Baird and L. Tan, Fixing Colloidal Motions at Water/Air Interface withMicrometer Scale Resolution, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117(9), 2807-2811, 2013.
10.Z. Chen, Z. Xu, M. Zhang, Y. Zhou, M. Liu, T. Patten, G-Y. Liu, H. Li, X. C. Zeng and L. Tan, Two-Dimensional Crystallization of Hexagonal Bilayer with Moiré Patterns, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 116(14), 4363-4369, 2012.
11.Z. Chen, J. S. Yang and L. Tan, Collective Buckling of Line Arrays Created by Soft Lithography, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 29(2), 021001, 2011. 12.Z. Chen, M. Liu, G-Y. Liu, and L. Tan, Evaporation induced two-dimensional buckling within liquid droplet. Applied Physics Letters, 95(22), 223104, 2009.
13.Z. Chen, J. Yang and L. Tan, Collective Buckling of a Two-Dimensional Array of Nanoscale Columns, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 112(47), 14766-14771, 2008.
14.Z. Chen, Y. Hu and J. Yang, Shear Horizontal Piezoelectric Waves in a Piezoceramic Plate Imperfectly Bonded to Two Ceramic Half-Spaces, Journal of Mechanics, 24(3), 229-239, 2008.
15.Z. Chen, J. Yang and Y. Hu, A Piezoelectric Generator Based on Torsional Modes for Power Harvesting from Angular Vibrations, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 28(6), 779-784, 2007.
16.C. Yu, Z. Chen, H. Li, J. Turner, X. C. Zeng, Z. Jin, J. Jiang, B. Youssef and L. Tan, Molecularly Intercalated Nanoflakes: A Supramolecular Composite for Strong Energy Absorption. Advanced Materials, 22(40), 4457-4461, 2010.
17,J. Yan, Z. Chen, J. Jiang, L. Tan and X. C. Zeng, Free-Standing All-Nanoparticle Thin Fibers: a Novel Nanostructure Bridging Zero- and One-Dimensional Nanoscale Features, Advanced Materials, 21(3), 314-319, 2009.

Courses Taught

MECH373: Engineering Dynamics, Undergraduate