Chen Zhijun



       Phone: (8627) 8755-9362


     Academic Areas: Bridge &Tunnel Engineering

     Research Interests:Long span bridge structure theory, the application of new numerical calculation method in bridge structure analysis, Dynamic behavior of High-speed Railway Bridge

Academic Degrees

PhD in Bridge & Tunnel Engineering,2006, Huazhong University of Science and Technology ;
BA in Bridge Engineering, 1991, Tongji University.

Professional Experience

Full Professor (2013-present); School of Civil engineering and mechanics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
Visiting scholar (2011-2012); Department of civil and environmental engineering, University of California,Berkeley.
Associate Professor (2004-2013); CEE,HUST.
Assistant Professor (2000-2004); CEE,HUST.
Assistant Professor (1995-1999).Wuhan Urban Construction Institute.

Selected Publications

[1] Zhijun Chen Hongyou Cao Hongping Zhu. An Iterative Calculation Method for SuspensionBridge's Cable System Based on Exact Catenary Theory , Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering , 8(3) , pp196-204 , 2013
[2].Kun Ye,Zhijun Chen*,Hongping Zhu, A Proposed Strategy for theApplication of the Modified Harmony Search Algorithm to CodeBased Selectionand Scaling of Ground Motions Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering,2013
[3] Zhijun Chen,Hongyou Cao,Kun Ye,Hongping Zhu,Shaofan Li An improved particle swarmoptimization based formfinding method for suspension bridgeinstallation analysis Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering , 2013/9/9
[4] Zhijun Chen, Hongyou Cao, Hongping Zhu, Jun Hu, Shaofan Li, A Simplified Mathematical Modelfor Cabletruss footbridge and Its Implications for Preliminary Design. Engineeringstructures. 68 (2014) 121–133
[5] Hongyin Yang, ZhijunChen*, Hailong Zhang and Jianping Fan Dynamic Analysis ofTrain-Rail-Bridge Interaction Considering Concrete Creep of a Multi- Span SimplySupported Bridge. Advances in structure engineering. Vol. 17 No. 5,709,720 2014
[6] Hongyin Yang, Zhijun Chen*, Shaofan Li,Hailong Zhang . An integrated coupling element for vehicle.railbridge interaction system with a nonuniform continuous bridge Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica 2014
[7] Z.J.Chen,H.P. Zhu,Z.Q. Qian,J. Li,H.Y. Cao, Coupled Vibration Analysis of aTrain-Rail.Bridge System Based on MultiBody Dynamics, Proceedings of the FirstInternational Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development andMaintenance2012/4/20
[8].L. Yang, M. Habib, F. Tang, J. Hun and Z. Chen.The Coupled Meshless.Finite Element Methodand its Application to the CAM Layer of the Ballastless Track Slabs Proceedings of the Third International Conference onRailway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenace Civil-Comp Press, 2016
[9]M. Habib, Y. Lifei, Q. Chenhui, H. Jun1 and Z. Chen A Parametric Study of Wheel-Rail Contact Proceedings of the Third International Conference on.Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenace Civil-Comp Press, 2016

Courses Taught

0801823: Bridge Engineering
240.528: Theory of Advanced Bridge Structure


As the project leader, presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51078164/E080505)
As a responsible person, completed the National key science and technology support program in 11th Five-Year


The science and technology progress prize of Hubei province,2006
The teaching achievements in Universities of Hubei Province,2013