Chen Ke


     Associate Professor

       Phone: (86) 15342200726


     Academic Areas: Construction Management

     Research Interests:Building Information Modeling, Project Information Management, Construction Industrialization

Academic Degrees

PhD in Construction Management, 2018, The University of Hong Kong;
BSc(Hons) in Building Engineering and Management, 2013, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2019.1-present); Department of Construction Management, School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
Postdoctoral Fellow (2018.1-2019.1); Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong,
Research Assistant (2017.9-2018.1); Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong

Selected Publications

1. Li, C., Ding, L., Fang, Q.*, Chen, K.*, & Daniel, C-L (2021). Risk-informed knowledge-based design for road infrastructure in an extreme environment. Knowledge-Based Systems, 216, 106741.
2. Luo, H., Liu, J., Li, C., Chen, K.*, & Zhang, M. (2020). Ultra-rapid delivery of specialty field hospitals to combat COVID-19: Lessons learned from the Leishenshan Hospital project in Wuhan. Automation in Construction, 119, 103345.
3. Chen, K.*, & Lu, W. (2019). Bridging BIM and building (BBB) for information management in construction: The underlying mechanism and implementation. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 26(7), 1518-1532.
4. Tan, T., Chen, K.*, Xue, F., & Lu, W. (2019). Barriers to Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation in China's prefabricated construction: An interpretive structural modeling (ISM) approach. Journal of Cleaner Production, 219, 949-959.
5. Chen, K., Lu, W.*, Xue, F., Tang, P., & Li, L. H. (2018). Automatic building information model reconstruction in high-density urban areas: Augmenting multi-source data with architectural knowledge. Automation in Construction, 93, 22-34.
6. Chen, K., Lu, W.*, Wang, H., Niu, Y., & Huang, G. G. (2017). Naming objects in BIM: A convention and a semi-automatic approach. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 143(7), 06017001.
7. Chen, K., Lu, W.*, Peng, Y., Rowlinson, S., & Huang, G. Q. (2015). Bridging BIM and building: From a literature review to an integrated conceptual framework. International Journal of Project Management, 33(6), 1405-1416.

Courses Taught



The reviewer of global top 1% journals
Research Award of the University of Hong Kong during 2018-19
The Best Paper Award of the 2nd ICSBS
The Best Paper Award of CRIOCM2016
Young Innovator Award of Construction Industry Council (CIC) in 2015