Sun Yuan



       Phone: (+86)13871217571


     Academic Areas: Bridge engineering

     Research Interests:Bridge Design and Analysis, Bridge Construction Monitoring

Academic Degrees

Ph.D in Bridge & Tunnel Engineering, 2012, Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, China
MA. in Bridge & Tunnel Engineering, 2007, Department of Bridge Engineering, Center South University, China
BA. in Civil Engineering, 2004, School of Civil Engineering, Center South University, China

Professional Experience

Lecturer (2015-present); School of Civil Engineering & Mechanics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Postdoc. (2012-2015); Civil Engineering Postdoc, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

Y Sun, HP Zhu, D Xu, New method for shape-finding of self-anchored suspension bridge with three-dimensionally curved cables, J Bridge Eng, 20 (2), 2015, p. 04014063 (SCI)
Y Sun, HP Zhu, D Xu, A specific rod model based efficient analysis and design of hanger installation for self-anchored suspension bridges with 3D curved cables, Eng Struct, 110(1), 2016: 184-208 (SCI)
Y Sun, D Xu, System transformation construction simulaition on specially-shaped cable-stayed bridges based on space girder model, China J Highway transport, 23(1), 2010: 66-72 (EI)
D Xu, Y Sun, Reinforcement Design for The Back of End Anchorage Beams of Prestressed Bridges Based on “Tensile Stress Field Method” ,J Tongji Univ (Sci Nat), 38(7), 2010: 961-68 (EI)

Courses Taught

Road and Bridge Construction Technology
Bridge engineering


National Natural Science Foundation (2015-2018, Grant No. 51408249):
Indiscrimination Coordinate Rod Model on Self-anchored Suspension bridge with Spatial Cables.