Zuo Yibing


     PhD, Lecturer

       Phone: (+86) 18771708516

     Email: zuoyibing@hust.edu.cn

     Academic Areas: Structure Engineering

     Research Interests:construction materials, cement hydration, thermodynamics, microstructure, durability and numerical simulation

Academic Degrees

PhD in Structure Engineering, 2019, Delft University of Technology;
MSc in Structure Engineering, 2014, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;
BA in Safety Engineering and English (dual), 2011, Wuhan University of Science and Technology.

Professional Experience

Lecturer (2019-present); School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

Yibing Zuo, Experimental study and numerical simulation of the reaction process and microstructure formation of alkali-activated materials, PhD thesis, 2019, Delft University of Technology.
Yibing Zuo, Marija Nedeljkovic, Guang Ye. Pore solution composition of alkali-activated slag/fly ash pastes. Cement and Concrete Research, 2019, Vol. 115: 230-250.
Yibing Zuo, Marija Nedeljkovic, Guang Ye. Coupled thermodynamic modelling and experimental study of sodium hydroxide activated slag. Construction and Building Materials, 2018, Vol. 188: 262-279.
Yibing Zuo, Zhiwei Qian, Edward J Garboczi, Guang Ye. Numerical simulation of the initial particle parking structure of cement/geopolymer paste and the dissolution of amorphous silica using real-shape particles. Construction and Building Materials, 2018, Vol. 185: 206-219.
Yibing Zuo, Guang Ye. Pore structure characterization of sodium hydroxide activated slag using mercury intrusion porosimetry, nitrogen adsorption, and image analysis. Materials, 2018, Vol. 11: 1035.
Yibing Zuo, Jianmin Zi, Xiaosheng Wei. Hydration of cement with retarder characterized via electrical resistivity measurements and computer simulation. Construction and Building Materials, 2014, Vol. 53: 411-418.
Yibing Zuo, Xiaosheng Wei. Relations among electrical resistivity, chemical and autogenous shrinkage of cement pastes. Advances in Cement Research, 2015, Vol. 27: 175-183.
Yibing Zuo, Xiaosheng Wei. Portland cement hydration by electrical resistivity method and computer simulation. Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 2013, Vol. 41: 451-457.
Yibing Zuo, Marija Nedeljkovic, Guang Ye. Pore solution composition and solubility of alkali-activated fly ash. Key Engineering Materials, 2018, Vol. 761: 65-68.
左义兵,魏小胜. 粉煤灰水泥浆体的电阻率与化学收缩及自收缩的相互关系[J]. 重庆大学报,2015, Vol. 38: 45-54.
Marija Nedeljkovc, Branko Savja, Yibing Zuo, Mladena Lukovic, Guang Ye. Effect of natural carbonation on the pore structure and elastic modulus of the alkali-activated fly ash and slag pastes. Construction and Building Materials, 2018, Vol. 161: 687-704.
Marija Nedeljkovc, Yibing Zuo, Kamel Arbi, Guang Ye. Natural carbonation of alkali-activated fly ash and slag pastes. High Tech Concrete: Where Technology and Engineering Meet, 2018: 2213-2223.
Kamel Arbi, Marija Nedeljkovic, Yibing Zuo, Guang Ye. A review on the durability of alkali-activated fly ash/slag systems: advance, issues, and perspectives. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2016, Vol. 55: 5439-5453.

Courses Taught