Dai Huliang



       Phone: (027) 87543238

     Email: daihulianglx@hust.edu.cn

     Academic Areas: Nonlinear Dynamics

     Research Interests:Energy harvesting, Flow-induced Vibrations and Control, Structural Dynamics

Academic Degrees

Energy harvesting, Flow-induced Vibrations and Control, Structural Dynamics

Professional Experience

Lecturer (2015-present); HUST
Research Fellow (2014-2015); Nanyang Technological University

Selected Publications

1. Dai H.L., Abdelkefi A., Yang Y., Wang L. Orientation of bluff body for designing efficient energy harvesters from vortex-induced vibrations. Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 108: 053902.
2. Dai H.L., Abdelkefi, A., Wang, L. Usefulness of passive nonlinear energy sinks in controlling galloping vibrations, International Journal of Non-linear Mechanics, 2016, 81: 83-94.
3. Dai H.L., Abdelkefi A., Javed U., Wang L. Modeling and performance of electromagnetic energy harvesting from galloping oscillations. Smart Materials and Structures, 2015, 045012.
4. Dai H.L., Wang L., Ni Q. Dynamics and pull-in instability of electrostatically actuated microbeams conveying fluid. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2015, 18: 49-55.
5. Dai H.L., Abdelkefi A., Wang L. Piezoelectric energy harvesting from concurrent vortex-induced vibrations and base excitations. Nonlinear Dynamics, 2014, 77: 967-981.

Courses Taught

Fluid Mechanics, Experiment of Engineering Mechanics