I. Objectives

1. Master the firm basic knowledge and systematic professional knowledge. Possess strong engineering background. Master the fundamental research methods and skills of this field as well as the ability to solve practical engineering problems.

2. Grasp one foreign language

3. Establish rigourous and practical scientific attitude.

4. Be qualified for jobs related to this area.

II. Research Field

1. Engineering Project Management

2. Engineering Project Planning

3. Engineering Project Informatization

4. Development of Real Estate Project.

III. Program Duration and Training Mode

1. A combination training mode of course learning, practical teaching and academic dissertation

2. Implement of Credit System and the duration is 2 years

IV. Credits Requirements and Allotment

Total credits ≥ 32 (credits for Degree Courses ≥18; Credits for research≥ 14).

Total Credits

≥ 32 credits



≥18 credits (including credits for advanced international courses ≥4)

Compulsory public courses≥7 credits:

  • Foreign Language: 2 credits
  • Ideological and Political course:2 credits
  • Math: 3 credits
  • Professional fundamental course ≥ 2 credits (compulsory)
  • Professionalcourses: ≥6 credits
  • Engineering practice (experiment, planning and diagnoses)≥ 3 credits

No credit for make-up courses or other optional courses, grades only.


≥14 credits

Practice of professional courses (report included)

4 credits

Practical training ≥ 4 credits

Professional practical training (report included)

4 credits

Thesis proposal

1 credit


Interim progress report of thesis

1 credit


Academic Dissertation: 8 credits

8 credits


V. Internship and Practical Training

A practical training report is required and the person in charge of relevant practical training should sign their comments. Those up to standard of assessment can obtain corresponding credits.

1. The requirements of the design plan: The Master of Engineering in this field should finish the design plan under the guidance of the advisor and hand in the design plan report at the end of the second semester. If qualified, the students can obtain 2 credits.

2. The requirements of the project management report: Under the guidance of the advisor, the Master of Engineering in this field should read related materials and write “Industry/ Profession Development Report”, “Project/ Engineering Research Analysis Report” or “Professional Academic Report”in combination of their engineering project or research topics. The report should have clear description of the development history, current situation (application situation included) and the trend. It should not be less than 5,000 words and with the assessment of conformity from the advisor, the student can obtain 1 credit.

3. Practice of professional course(report included): The students should carry out internship and practice in the producing units, design units or research units in allusion to a certain course. An internship plan should be handed in and the students should write internship diary and internship summary report according to their internship. The person in charge of the internship unit should sign their comments and affix the official seal. With the assessment of conformity, the student can obtain 4 credits.

4. Professional practical training (report included): The students are required to do practical training at practical training base, enterprises or engineering design research units for at least three months. A practical training plan should be handed in and the students should write practice summary report. The internship unit should assess the report and affix the official seal. The advisorshould sign their comments and with the assessment of conformity, the student can obtain 4 credits.

VI. Dissertation

The steps of writing a degree thesis include: thesis proposal, interim progress report as well as the assessment and defense of the thesis.

1. The form of degree thesis: the contents of a degree thesis can be engineering design report, research report, and special investigation. The format should be in accordance with the basic format of a degree thesis for the College of Civil. The degree paper should be creative and require a certain amount of efforts to show the author’s abilities to apply scientific theories, methods and technological means comprehensively to solve engineering technology problems. Furthermore, the thesis should have a theoretical base and be advanced as well as practical.

2. The requirements for the thesis proposal: Under the guidance of the advisor, the Master of Engineering in this field should look through literature and carry out investigation as well as research and hand in the thesis proposal at the end of the second semester. The selection of the topic should be directly from practical production or have a clear engineering background and its research results should be of practical value. The selected topic should have a certain degree of difficulty that can reach the standard knowledge level of a master and it should have theoretical depth and advancement to a degree. Only after the thesis proposal is approved by the department group or scientific group can the students obtain 2 credits and start to write their thesis.

3. The requirements of interim progress report: At the end of the third semester, the Master of Engineering in this field should hand in their interim report of their thesis to explain the progress ( whether the thesis is being carried out as expected; make a summary of what has been achieved; the problems to be solved and the solution; the parts that need to be improved). With the assessment of conformity, the student can obtain 2 credits.

4. Assessment of the thesis: After finishing the thesis, if the thesis is approved by the advisor and passes the formal examination by the relevant person in charge, the students can submit the thesis for assessment. The thesis reviewers will be approved by related officials.

5. Defense of the thesis: Only after the thesis is assessed by reviewers and approved by the advisor as well as the College of Civil, can the students have defense of the thesis. Among the reviewers of the thesis and members of the defense committee, there should be specialists with Senior Professional Technical Posts in relevant industry’s practical field. Other training stages should be carried out in accordance with relevant provisions of the HUST.

VII. Degree Awarding

The students who have obtained full credits and have passed the thesis defense as well as the assessment of Academic Degrees Committee of HUST will be awarded a Professional Master Degree of Engineering.