Associate Professor

Phone: 15071100157


Academic Areas: Construction Management

Research Interests: Engineering Informatics; Engineering Sociology; BIM; Knowledge-based Systems for Construction Management

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Systems Engineerin, 2008, Control Science and Engineering School, Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST)

  • BA, Automation Control, 2002, Chongqing University, China.

Professional Experience

  • Lecture (2013 fall- present), Department of Construction Management, School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, HUST

  • Lecture (2008-2013), Department of Sociology, HUST

Selected Publications

  • B. T. Zhong, L.Y. Ding*, P.ED Love, H.B Luo. An Ontological Approach for Technical Plan Definition and Verification in Construction, Automation in Construction, 2015, (55): 47-57

  • Botao Zhong, Yong Li*. An Ontological and Semantic Approach for the Construction Risk Inferring and Application, Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems,2015,3 (79):449-463

  • B. T. Zhong, L.Y. Ding*, H. B. Luo, Y. Z. Hu, H. M. Hu. Ontology-based semantic modeling of regulation constraint for automated construction quality compliance checking, Automation in Construction,2012,28(12), 58-70.

  • B.T.Zhong, Y.Z.Hu, H.B. Luo. Study on building code ontological modeling and construction quality checking application. Chinese Journal of Civil Engineering, 2013, 46(8), 136-142.

  • B.T.Zhong, Y.Z.Hu, H.M.Hu. Building Regulation Knowledge Modeling and Application in Construction Quality Inspection Based on the Decision-table. Journal of civil engineering and management, 2012, 29(4), 89-93.

  • Zhong B.T., Ding L.Y., Study on Alternative Plan Agent Negotiation, International Journal of Advances in Systems Science and Applications. Vol. 8 No.1 Jan. 2008,158-163.

  • Zhong B.T., Ding L.Y., An Agent-based Integrated Negotiation Framework of Material Procurement for Lean Construction Material Delivery, IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics (IEEE ICAL 2007), 2007, 2862-2867.

  • Zhong B.T., Ding L.Y., knowledge based quality control system for construction project, Chinese Journal of computer engineering and application, 2006, 33:198-201.

Awards and Honors

  • The honor of “Science & Technology Advancement Award” in Hubei Province, P.R.China, NO. 2010J-230-1-037-028-D02,(2010)

Courses Taught

  • Engineering Information System

  • Engineering Economics

  • Engineering Sociology


  • 1. Ontology Method for the Quality Specification Computer-Procssable Modeling, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 71301059)

  • 2. Ontology and semantic technique based construction knowledge representation and inferring, granted by the National Technological Support Program for the 12th Five-Year Plan of China (No. 2012bak24b01).

  • 3. Research and Application of Construction Engineering Quality Collaborative Control Platform.

  • 4. Study of the Project Management Integrated Platform for SHEC (CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company, Ltd. -- abbr. as SHEC)

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