Zheng Huiming

Associate Professor

Phone: 086 027-87543338

Email: huiming121212@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Engineering Mechanics

Research Interests: Noise and vibration control; magnetic-elastic structure interaction and smart material/structure/products

Academic Degrees

PhD Solid mechanics,2003,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.

ME Engineering mechanics,2000,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech

BE Mechanical Engineering,1990,Yanshan University

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2005--present ); Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech ,

An assistant professor(2003--2005 ); Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech ,

Mechanical Engineer(1995-1997 ); Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation

Assistant Mechanical Engineer(1990-1995 ); Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation

Selected Publications

1. Zheng Huiming .Zhu L.H, Vibration vibration control of magnetorheological nanocomposites isolator Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014,v552,216-221,2014

2. Zheng Huiming .Dong D.D,Tunable stiffness and damping isolator based on modified skyhook control method. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, v 533-547,1461-1467.

3. Zheng Huiming .Zhu L.H.Investigation on On-Off Damping Control Law of Vibration Isolator, International Conference on Mechanics and Materials Engineering, 2014,176-183

4. Li Ming,Zheng Huiming.Damping characteristics of a cantilever plate using permanent magnetic constrained layer damping strip treatment .Advanced material research ,v 450-451(2012)part1,2012 v 197-198, p 552-557

5. Zheng Huiming,Effect of shear strain on the deflection of a clamped magnetostrictive film-substrate system. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic materials ,2011,vol.4 Nos.1-4 :3251-3258

6. Li Ming,Zheng Huiming.Role of shear strain for a general modeling of magnetostrictive film-substrate systemManufacturing Science and Technology. 2011, v 295-297, p 1834-1842

7. Li Ming,Zheng Huiming..A profound discussion of the inconsistencies in a clamped magnetostrictive film-substrate systemApplied Mechanics and Materials,2011, v 99-100, p 100-105,

8. Li Ming,Zheng Huiming.Dependence of damping characteristics of a beam with damping rubber magnetic powder on rubber property. Acta Mechanica Solid Sinica.,2008,21(3):247-256

9. Zheng Huiming.Influence of permanent magnets on vibration characteristics of a partially covered sandwich cantilever beam.Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2004, 274(3-5): 801-819

10. Zheng Huiming. Comparison of Vibration Performance of a Sandwich Clamped-clamped with magnets Versus Conventional Constrained Damping Treatments. Acta Mechanica Solid Sinica, 2004, 17(2): 121-130

11. Zheng Huiming.Active and passive magnetic constrained damping treatmentInternational Journal of Solids and Structures,2003,40: 6767-6779.

Courses Taught

080008a: Theoretical Mechanics

0801311 Mechanics of Vibration

0800265 Dynamics of Structures


1. Variable stiffness control of Large magnitude vibration of vehicle using magnetorheological elastomers. Guangxi Key Laboratory of Automobile Components & Vehicle Technology.

2. Dynamical modeling and analysis of rolling coat of silicon steel sheet .Wuhan Lixing Hanyuan Mechining Co.Ltd.

3. Temperature dynamic control of ablation machine.Federal mogul friction products Co.Ltd.

4. Dynamical control of dust system, ,FAB METAL Co.Ltd.

5. Development of automatic density measure of vehicle brake block.

6. Automatic density measure and database management system of vehicle brake block.