Phone: (027) 87543138

Email: xiongql@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: solid mechanics

Research Interests: thermoelastic coupling, nanomechanics

Academic Degrees

PhD in solid mechanics, 2013, Xi’an Jiaotong University;

BE in engineering mechanics, 2008, Zhengzhou University.

Selected Publications

  • Q.L. Xiong, S.A. Meguid, Y. Wang, G.J. Weng, Molecular Dynamics and Atomistic Based Continuum Studies of the interfacial Behaviour of Nanoreinforced epoxy. Mechanics of Materials, 85: 38–46, 2015.

  • Xiong, Q.L, Tian, X.G, Lu, T.J., Atomistic modeling of electron relaxation effect on femtosecond laser-induced thermoelastic response of gold films, Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, 112(2): 024313.

  • Xiong Q.L., Tian X.G., Response of a semi-infinite microstretch homogeneous isotropic body under thermal shock, ASME Trans J. Applied Mechanics, 2011,78(4): 044503.(SCI: 866LL)

  • Xiong Q.L., Tian X.G., Transient Magneto-Thermoelastic Response For A Semi-Infinite Body With Voids And Variable Material Properties During Thermal Shock, International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2011, 3(4): 881-902, (SCI: 876GT)

  • Xiong, Q.L, Tian, X.G, Modeling of non-equilibrium deformation in a double-layered thin film during ultrashort laser heating, Journal of Thermal Stresses, 2013,36: 387-404.

  • Xiong, Q.L, Tian, X.G, Thermoelastic study of an infinite functionally graded body with a cylindrical cavity using Green-Naghdi model, Journal of Thermal Stresses, 2012,35:718-732.

  • 熊启林,田晓耕,沈亚鹏,夏荣厚. 瞬态热冲击下层合材料板界面的热弹性行为[J] 力学学报, 2011,43(3): 630-634

  • 熊启林, 田晓耕. 激光加热金属薄膜的热弹性研究[J].固体力学学报,2011,32(6):588-594.

Courses Taught

Theoretical Mechanic

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