Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87543538


Academic Areas: Solid Mechanics

Research Interests: Mechanical properties of micro-structures, low cycle fatigue of materials

Academic Degrees

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2007, University of California, Riverside;

BA in Mechanical Engineering, 2003, University of Science and Technology of China.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2008-present), Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

  • Luo Z, Chu J, Shen L, et al. Measurement of underwater vibration by ultrasonic speckle stroboscopic technique[J]. Measurement, 2014, 47(1):938–945.

Courses Taught

0800073: Mechanics of Materials

151.201: Mechanical Properties in Solid Mechanics


NSFC 0204240035

The National Research Foundation for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China 0214240013

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