Associate Professor

Phone: (027) 87557125


Academic Areas: Civil Engineering

Research Interests: The monitoring technology of the large span bridge construction, Evaluation and reinforcement of bridge structure, The bridge structure safety and durability of concrete

Academic Degrees

PhD in Bridge and tunnel engineering, 2000, Northern Jiaotong University

Master in Bridge and tunnel engineering, 1997, Southwest Jiao Tong University

Bachelor in Bridge and tunnel engineering, 1994, Southwest Jiao Tong University

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2003-present); College of civil engineering and mechanics Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Postdoctoral (2000-2002); Zhejiang University civil engineering post doctoral research station

Selected Publications

  • The construction and repair of Bridge Engineering, Machinery Industry Press, ISBN978-7-111-24298-7,2009.3

  • Long span bridge-Theory and analysis, Huazhong University of Science and Technology press, ISBN978-7-5609-7350-0,2012.10

  • Hu Jun.Safety Analysis of Cable-Supported Bridges:Progress in Safety Science and Technology,Chemical Industry Press,2000.8

  • Hu Jun.Geometrically Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Long-Span Cable-Supported BridgesAdvances in Structural Dynamics,Progress of the International Conference on Advances in Structural Dynamics,Elsevier,2000.12。

  • Hujun, Xuxing.Optimum design of large span concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge based on static, stability and modal analysisJournal of Zhejiang University, Vol.30 No.2, 2002.4-6。

  • HU Jun, LIU Zhenyu.The Deepwater Drilling Platform New Construction Technology.Advances in Structural Engineering,Progress of the Ninth International Symposium on Structural Engineering for Yong ExpertsScience Press,2006.10。

  • Hu Jun, Liu Zhi-feng, Xu Wen-sheng.Application of Grey System Theory in Peace Avenue Overpass Bridge Construction Linear ControInternational Conference on Engineering Management and Service Sciences (EMS 2009)。

  • Hu Jun, Wang Qin.Research on Reasonable Structure Forms of Pedestrian Suspension Bridges International Workshop on Architecture, Civil& Environmental Engineering,2011。

Awards and Honors

  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology teaching quality award two prize, 2010

Courses Taught

240.538: Long span bridge(Master)

240.531: Bridge test and detection(Master)

0801741: The Principle of Structure Design(Bachelor)

0801821: Bridge Engineering(Bachelor)


1. Study on the scientific research project of Zhuhai Hengqin Bridge, 2015

2. WuhanSanguan Hanjiang highway bridge tower segment model test,2014

3. Jiangsu Siyang River Highway Bridge Construction Monitoring, (60.65+152+60.65) m three span continuous steel truss arch bridge,2013

4. Analysis of mechanical characteristics of beam span of suspension bridge with three towers,2012

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