Gong Wenhui


Phone: (0086) 027-13667149559

Email: gwh87806869@163.com

Academic Areas: Geotechnical Engineering

Research Interests: Slope safety analysis ,Disaster Prevention and Mitigation,Reliability Analysis and Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering

Academic Degrees

PhD in Geotechnical Engineering,2004, School of Civil Engineering & Mechanics,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.(HUST)

Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering,1999,School of Mining Engineering, Shandong Mining Academy.

BE in Civil Engineering,1988,School of Civil Engineering, Academy of Chongqing Construction Engineering.

Professional Experience

Full Professor (2008-present); HUST’s School of Civil Engineering & Mechanics.

Associate Professor (2001-2007); HUST’s School of Civil Engineering & Mechanics.

Lectorate(2000); HUST’s School of Civil Engineering & Mechanics.

Lectorate (1988-1999); School of Mining Engineering, Shandong Mining Academy.

Selected Publications

  • Wen-hui Gong,You-sheng Jiang, Yuan-han Wang. Fuzzy reliability degree for settlement of expansive soil roadbed. Rock and Soil Mechanics,2004,25(8):1341-1342.

  • Yuan-han Wang, Wen-hui Gong.An Effective Method for Free Vibration of Plate on Elastic Half Space. Journal of china university of geosciences.2004,15(4):401-408.

  • Wen-hui Gong, Method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation for expansive soil. The 2nd China-Japan Geotechnical Engineering Conference.

  • Wen-hui Gong, Tao Liu, Yan-hong Huang.Simulation analysis of finite element on stability of bedding rock cutting slope supported by anchor structure. Rock and Soil Mechanics,2005,26(Supp):136-140.

  • Wen-hui Gong,Hong-yang Xie,Yuan-han Wang.Semi-analytical and Semi-numerical Method for Dynamic Analysis of Foundation. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics,2006,27(5):607-615.

  • Wen-hui Gong,Ping Wang .Simulation analysis of elastoplastic FEM for stability of bedding rock cutting slope. Rock and Soil Mechanics,2006,27(7).

  • Wen-hui Gong, Ping Wang, Feng Chen.Analysis of sensitivity factors to stability of bedding rock cutting slope. Rock and Soil Mechanics,2007,28(4):812-816.

  • Hong-yang Xie,Wen-hui Gong, Da-hua Zhou, Yuan-han Wang.Analysis of elastic plate resting on Winkler foundation subjected to moving load by isoparametric element method. Rock and Soil Mechanics.2007,28(7):1495-1500.

  • Hong-yang Xie,Wen-hui Gong, Yuan-han Wang.Three-dimensional radiation infinite element.Chinese Journal of Applied Mechnics.2008,25(1):42-45.

  • Wen-hui Gong. Road Engineering. Press of Huanan University of Tech., 2002.

  • Wen-hui Gong. Soil Mechanics. Press of Huazhong University of Sci. & Tech., 2008.

Courses Taught

  • Soil Mechanics

  • Foundation Engineering

  • Statistical Soil Mechanics


  • 1. Stability Analysis of bedding and soft rock cutting high slopes in Yichang to Enshi expressway in Hu-Rong national highway, 2003-2005.

  • 2. Stability Analysis of rock cutting high and steep slopes in Yichang to Changyang expressway in Hu-Rong national highway, 2003-2004.

  • 3. Study of new type of composite roof panel,2005-2006

  • 4. Audit,consulting and control of roadbed slopes in the Shenlongjia tourist highway,2006-2007.

  • 5. Safety evaluation method of bedding slopes with fuzzy theory and stochastic finite element method, NSFC,2013 to present.